Getting down a cool pregnancy style

Cool pregnancy style - leather jacket
Cool pregnancy style (photo via this pin)

From today on the blog is going to take a new turn! Now don't worry, I am of course still going write about kids fashion, but I am going to expand the lifestyle part a great deal.

Since I began my maternity leave from the blog I started receiving mails from a lot of you new and not so new mums out there, asking me about different and more practical baby stuff, like for example my choice of stroller, my attitude towards baby carriers and which are the most stylish ones without compromising the health of the baby, stylish clothes pregnancy brands and brands for breastfeeding etc etc... And yes, I am REALLY selective when it comes to shopping for myself and my family, I literally spend days of research to find just the right shoe or whatever needed. I thought, what the hell! I might as well share my conclusions while shopping for some of those necessities and must-haves and spear you for doing the same thing ;)

Cool pregnancy style - soft cotton basics
Soft and comfortable cotton basics (Found this on Pinterest, but now I can't find the source - please help me out!)

So let's start off by going back to where it all starts, that little bump that just keeps on growing and growing. And well, in my case it was actually not little at all, it was huuuuuge! I am rather short and petit, and in both pregnancies from only the 5th month everybody thought that I was already in the 9th, so you can imagine my desperation when it comes to clothes.

Basically you want to wear comfortable and stretchy clothes you feel good in (well duh!). Cutting to the chase, let's get that cool pregnancy street style down:

Cool pregnancy style - cotton basics by Storq
Soft, stretchy and stylish cotton basics from Storq - cool pregnancy style

1. Use soft cotton basics

I really like Storq who has a wide range of awesome and luxurious basics with "No ruching, tiny belts, tiny bows, or graphics that refer to being pregnant"! They are designed to be able to wear all nine months, post partum and as long as you want. They even help recycling the few pieces you decide not to wear afterwards! Do check them out ;)

Cool pregnancy style - maternity jeans
Cool maternity style - Jeans and leather jacket. Source: this pin

2. Don't forget the jeans!

Some swear to getting some high quality (and expensive) leggings, because let's face it, they are the most comfortable wear when dealing with such size changes! But I actually found the ones from H&M's Conscious line were just perfect for me. The typical pregnancy over-the-belly type bothered me already after the 4th month (I said I was huge), so the normal ones were just fine. 

What I did spend money on though was on that perfect pair of stretchy, underbelly pregnancy jeans that would last (almost) my whole pregnancy through, maintaining that cool street style and making me feel a bit more like me! Now pregnancy and jeans are unfortunately many times a no-go, BUT these J. Brand Skinny Maternity Jeans are SO comfortable on the belly and are nice and tight everywhere else. Saved my life!

Cool pregnancy style - stretchy knit garments
Knitted midi dress and sneakers - Cool maternity style (photo via this pin)

3. Go for stretchy knits

Knits have that amazing ability to stretch in every direction, which means it will be your true friend through the whole pregnancy and after also. Except for some very few items, like the pregnancy jeans (which I actually have rocked afterwards anyways!), I definitely go after styles I love and can actually use after the birth, so all types of knits are definitely must-haves.

Cool pregnancy style - oversized knit cardigan
Chunky knits for a cool pregnancy style (photo via this pin)

4. Layer with cool outerwear and accesories

Winter is up which is the perfect occasion to take advantage of this trick. My basic wear is literally black with black and a little black on top of that, but what I do like is a cool jacket, cardigan and/or scarfs to layer and break the minimalism a bit or add some more edge. There are some great oversized coats and parkas at the moment that are perfect for pregnancy AND afterwards to. I wore my old leather jacket open until the weather got too cold for the belly, then I bought an oversized vintage military parka that actually also fit my sleeping baby in a baby carrier afterwards! Check out these looks:   

Cool pregnancy style - oversized winter coat
Oversized winter coat found here - cool pregancy style

Cool pregnancy style - oversized parkas and military jackets by Free People
Free People have some cool and grungy oversized parkas and jackets that are perfect for pregnancy and post partum.

Cool pregnancy style - humanoid oversized jacket
Oversized jacket from Humanoid found hereCool maternity style
You can see more cool pregnancy and maternity styles on my Pinterest!

Now it is your turn - What do you do and look for? Do you have any more tips? I would love to hear from you :)


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