10 inspirational monochrome kids rooms

So my baby boy is not so baby anymore! Up until now he has been sleeping in our bedroom, simply because he has been waking up 10.000 times during the night. His older sister was the perfect example of babies who sleep through the night (and I mean 12 hours straight!) at the age of six months without us doing anything. This one doesn't... And we were not prepared for that! He is now almost 1 1/2 years old and still wakes up a couple of times (or five...) BUT I am finally seeing an end to this and so we are slowly thinking about moving him out of our room and in to a shiny, new one.

I have of course been searching Pinterest for inspiration and these 10 monochrome kids rooms are the ones I liked the most! 

Inspirational kids room with blackboard in black, white and yellow
Love the black and white style mixed with that beautiful yellow, and the diagonal blackboard rocks! Found here

Inspirational kids room in monochrome - tent-bed
Now that tent-bed is just awesome! This monochrome kids room was found here
Cool kids room in monochrome - blackboard closet
Such a cool idea with blackboard closet doors! And the monochrome mountain curtain is so good. Found here

Inspirational kids room in monochrome - wall vinyls
A cute way to incorporate the name of the child in a wall decoration. This monochrome kids room was found here

Inspirational kids room in monochrome - wall decal
Uhm, hello! Do not miss out on the Dutch graphic design agency Mazout and their brilliant magnetic wall papers found here

Inspirational kids room in monochrome - tepee
Love the rug, the tepee, the Mini Rodini bed sheets, the super hero details, the calm grey walls... everything! Found here 

Inspirational kids room in monochrome - wall paper
That wall paper! Great for keeping the rest of the room completely simple. Found here

Inspirational kids room in monochrome - swing
Got space? Now I (cough, cough) don't, but this swing just rocks too much not to bring up here. Source

Inspirational kids room in monochrome - designer details
Great monochrome kids room from La Petite Magazine full of  cool, little designer details. Found here

Inspirational kids room in monochrome - siblings
A great monochrome kids room for siblings. Love the different spaces and setups! Found here

If you want to see more monochrome kids rooms, decoration and cool toys, check out my Pinterest board, House of Kids.

Have a great day, lovelies!


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