Beau LOves AW16 - Quirky kids fashion from the UK

Beau LOves is one of my absolute favorite kidswear brands out there! I love their raw and edgy gender-neutral style, the always curated though simple cut in their garments and their dark but still infantile prints - such a brilliant combination of cool contrasts!

The London based brand gets its inspiration from the designer, Faye Wilde's son Beau and what ever interests and moves the boy at the particular moment of the creation of the collection. For their Autumn-Winter collection 2016 Beau is questioning on the Solar System, atoms and Cosmos:

"So do we live on a planet that cicles the Sun, which moves the Sea and is the only known planet to have life on it?! Are they sure this is science? It sounds like magic to me!"

Beau LOves AW16 - galaxy love dress

Beau LOves AW16 - ghost knit and ecliptic tee

Beau LOves AW16 - Margo collar dress

Beau LOves AW16 kids fashion collection - lifestyle

Beau LOves AW16 - knit cape

Beau LOves AW16 - ghost scarf

Beau LOves AW16 - baby dress moons

Beau LOves AW16 - ghost romper

Beau LOves AW16 - love hands tee and leggings

Beau LOves AW16 kids fashion collection - ghost

Stunning, right?! The Beau LOves AW16 collection is all produced in Portugal and is called 'I Saw Galaxies In Your Eyes'. Since Beau is growing older now the brand's brilliant mix of quirky prints, like planets and constellations, are actually hand drawn by the boy himself!

Beau Loves is sold in lots of stores around the world, like for example in CozyKidz, but they also have their own online shop with some awesome and irresistible grown-up size as well - Yessss, halleluja for grown-up sizes!

Hope you liked it! Have a great weekend lovelies :)

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