Coolest kids' swimwear for summer 2015!

Oh, I am so enjoying a bit of me-and-my-big-fat-tummy-time here on my almost-maternity leave, having time to read, do yoga and even watch an occasional movie! I haven't had that since my last maternity leave 4 years ago. Very big stuff!

So lately I am just seeing the coolest swimwear for kids everywhere I look and so I thought I'd better share some of my finds with you, since this has not at all been an easy task for me other years. I always seem to find them being too boring, too hula hula, too girlish or boyish and with the same flower print, marine theme or palm trees every year (this goes for adult sizes too!) and which has never been me (I take black with me to my grave). 

Coolest kids' swimwear for summer 2015! - Nununu Plus swimsuit
Awesome Nununu Plus swimsuit found in Fourmonkeys

But the kids market has definitely started to get a little more interesting these last couple of years, first of all, with the more original and experimenting brands amplifying their collections of quirky designs to swimwear without this necessarily having to be the typical summer prints, here I am thinking obvious brands like Gardner and the Gang or Beau LOves and also Mini Rodini who always makes the cutest swimwear.

But then there are all of these super cool and surprising new brands with a specific focus on high quality, sunsafe swimwear with fun and unique designs like the Spanish brand Dosydos, the Dutch brand Beach and Bandit and of course Little Creative Factory from my present hometown, Barcelona. 

Here is a little mix of the ones I love the most:

Coolest kids' swimwear for summer 2015! - Beach and Bandit
New Dutch brand to watch: Beach and Bandit - Check out their online shop

Coolest kids' swimwear for summer 2015! - Beau Loves Feather swimsuit
Absolutely LOVE this feathers swimsuit by Beau LOves found in CozyKidz

Coolest kids' swimwear for summer 2015! - Spanish brand Dosydos
New brand: Dosydos - Fun, functional and sun safe designer swimwear from the south of Spain

Coolest kids' swimwear for summer 2015! - Gardner and the Gang Patsy swimsuit
I adore Gardner and the Gang! This Patsy swimsuit found in  Mini X Style is just too good!!!

Coolest kids' swimwear for summer 2015! - Mini Rodini and Popupshop
Mini Rodini Cat swimsuit and Fishes baby swimpant both found in Cissy Wears and the beautiful Popupshop Earth swimsuit in Stars in a Jar

Coolest kids' swimwear for summer 2015! - Little Creative Factory
Little Creative Factory makes some of the most stylish swimwear in the world! Their incredible new collection can be found in Orange Mayonnaise

So what do you think? You are of course very welcome to add more favorites to the list to help out the other mommies ;) I have had a difficult time in finding something really cool for boys which for me usually is the easiest part, so any suggestions?

And again, even though I am on maternity leave you are of course still very welcome to join the KID family for those uncontrollable, occasional pop-ups of cool kids fashion and style inspiration ;) Sign up for my newsletter here:


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