Sneak Peek: Lot801 SS15 collection "Boombox Babes"

Last summer we discovered the exciting kidswear brand Lot801 with their super cool, organic leggings and accessories (check out their previous collection here). We now have the privilege to get a little sneak peek of what is in store for when they launch their new collection this 23rd of March ;)

The founder Lindsay White explains: "Our SS15 Boombox Babes collection was inspired by the 90's with a twist. Remember the days you'd walk down the street and see the cool kids with a boom box on their shoulder? Well, we wanted to bring that back. 
Our first drop we focused on bright yummy colors with touches of black to add a pop of color to the kids wardrobe. Pair it with a flannel shirt tied around the waste and you've got a walking cool kid. Our second drop was focused on dark grunge blacks with a pop of color here and there. We added a white honeycomb print to help cool it down a bit." 

Tops by LB Brand and the boombox is from Berlin Boombox.

LOT801 SS15 kidswear collection + Boombox Berlin

LOT801 SS15 kidswear collection - monochrome toddler style

LOT801 SS15 kidswear collection - organic kids clothes

LOT801 SS15 kids clothes collection + Boombox Berlin

LOT801 SS15 kidswear collection + LB Brand top

LOT801 SS15 kidswear collection - cool toddler style

LOT801 SS15 kidswear collection

LOT801 SS15 kidswear collection - kids clothes from Utah

LOT801 SS15 kids clothes collection + LB Brand

LOT801 SS15 kidswear collection Boombox Babes

Don't forget to add the 23rd of March 2015 to your calendar and swing by the Lot801 webshop for those lovely, fun, unique and, on top of that, organic kids styles.

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