KID on maternity leave!

Hey everybody,

I have not been very active on the blog lately, and it is with very mixed feelings that I am writing this post. Everything has just been a little overwhelming these last months, with a massive amount of work in the store and me being almost too pregnant now! Working at home is a great privilege to be able to be more present in the life of your family, but it also results in a difficulty to separate your professional life and staying up at crazy hours trying to get some actual concentrated work done. Maintaining the blog has been a little too much for me lately, so I have decided that the best thing is to take a break/maternity leave from it, cause hey... I am not Wonder Woman and even though I would really love to, I have to tell my self that I can't do it all. 

O. wearing Mainio Clothing oversize hoodie

The blog is a wonderful way for me to share all the fun, quirky, crazy and just really cool kids fashion brands and their awesome collections that I discover though research and most importantly through the great emails I get from all of you. Please do not hesitate to continue writing me and I'll try to give a shout through my Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram in the meantime. Can't take a cold turkey from it it all, right!

I might also do a couple of posts during the first couple of months of the life of my new baby boy (we still don't have a name for him! Heeeeelp!!!) to show you all the little wonder. I will try to get back on track as soon as possible, but in the meantime I just want to enjoy intensely the last time I have with O. before she becomes a big sister! Like yesterday when she was jumping around in our bed: 

O. in Mainio Clothing oversize hoodie

O. jumping around in Mainio Clothing oversize hoodie

Mainio Clothing oversize hoodie

O. in oversize hoodie by Mainio Clothing

Oversize hoodie by Mainio Clothing and Life Modern bed sheets

Oversize hoodie by Mainio Clothing from SS15 collection

Mainio Clothing SS15 collection - oversize hoodie
O. in oversize hoodie Kivinen by Mainio Clothing

O. is wearing Mainio Clothing oversize hoodie, the super cool bed sheets are from Life Modern.

Until then I will miss you all!! Have a great summer :)

xx Maria


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