Beau LOves SS15 Sneak peek!!!

Oh yeah! In less than two weeks one of my favorite kidswear brands releases their new spring collection: Beau LOves! Ones again they nail it with the coolest styles for boys and girls, being full of little bugs and beasties (my daughter is so gonna break out in a happy dance when she sees it!). They stay faithful to their awesome monochromes only mixed up with a soft lime and dusty pink, and contrasted with their impressive black prints.

Beau LOves gets their inspiration from the designer, Faye Wilde's son Beau, what ever interests and moves the little boy at the particular moment of the creation of the collection. Some things stick (like the superheroes - of course!), but as he gets older something new always pops up. 

As always, their brilliant look book is photographed by Scottish genius Flannery O'Kafka and here is a little sneak peek ;)

Beau LOves SS15 - lovebugs dress

Beau LOves SS15 - tres chic tee

Beau LOves Spring-summer 2015 collection

Beau LOves SS15 - ants tee

Beau LOves SS15 - mask tank

Beau LOves spring-summer 2015 cool kids clothes collection

Beau LOves SS15 - wee beasties tee

Beau LOves SS15 - xo oversized top

Beau LOves SS15 - mini mask dress

Beau LOves SS15 - hero tee

I love it all!! That Love bug dress (oh my!), those quirky little ants... So good!

All of the Beau LOves collection is 100% made in the UK using super soft, high quality fabrics and will be out in the stores around the 28th of February. You will be able to find a nice selection in stores like CozyKidz or you can check out this retailer list for a closer option.

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  1. I love the wee beasties tee and the XO tunic. Very cool collection!

    1. Oh yes, I so agree! Well the whole collection is made of must-haves, haha :D Thanks for your comment!