7 cool kidswear brands that rocked 2014!

Hey everybody! It is almost Christmas, which means this is going to be my last post this year, cause I'm going on holiday, YAY! December has definitely been a bit of a poor month on the blog I admit, but I have been needing to disconnect a bit, relax that workaholic gene, apart from running the store of course, and to concentrate on my family in my spare time, being more present during these days, spoiling my daughter and digging that true Christmas spirit! Now January means action with a bunch of new and exciting collaborations that I can't wait to tell you all about, but for now it's all just peace and love :)

And so I thought, what better way to end the year than to focus on the brands I have loved the most this year; la créme de la créme of cool and quirky kids fashion, kidswear brands that really have stood out from the crowd and have rocked 2014! Here is my bid (in random order!)

1. Bandit Kids:

Bandit Kids - 7 cool kidswear brands that rocked 2014

Lets start of with the Australian skater/indie/lounge kids clothing brand Bandit Kids. They released their first collection in the early spring, but was already well established in numerous boutiques Down Under with preorders sold out before actually arriving physically. I think I have never seen a new brand move this fast! And they deserved it - super cool street styles, original artwork, high quality clothes, ethical approach = We love you! You can check out my previous posts about them here (There is even an SS15 sneak peek in there ;).

2. Mainio Clothing:

Mainio Clothing - 7 cool kidswear brands that rocked 2014

Mainio, oh Mainio! What an absolutely fabulous and even sustainable brand. The Finnish label is also new on the block, having had their grand premiere in the spring of 2014. They wow'ed us all with their astonishing geometric prints, cool monochrome styles, and clean and simple, yet very impressive lines. Can't wait to see what 2015 brings! In the mean time you can see their other collections here.

3. Motoreta:

Motoreta - 7 cool kidswear brands that rocked 2014

The Spanish kids fashion brand Motoreta has also been a fresh breath of air with their sophisticated cuts, structure and crispy clean style, bringing an overall coolness to more formal looks. The two architects behind the project, Cristina Lopez-Lago and Maria Llerena, have really created something of a stir, climbing rapidly to the top of the kids fashion ladder.

4. Quinn and Fox:

Quinn & Fox - 7 cool kidswear brands that rocked 2014

Home of the 'Messy hair don't care' kids, the sustainable Californian brand Quinn and Fox took over everybody's heart with their humorous and original artwork, and of course their super funky curly kids. With everything made from scratch in Los Angeles, the creative husband and wife team had their impressive international breakthrough in 2014. Let's see what 2015 has in store for these guys ;) You can check out their previous collections here.

5. Wolf & Rita:

Wolf and Rita - 7 cool kidswear brands that rocked 2014

Straight out of Portugal the experienced and very professional tailors behind the young brand Wolf & Rita has launched one amazing collection after the other. 2014 has definitely also been their year with the spicy chilies in the spring and the super cool "Kids have got the blues" collection in the fall - Brilliant!

6. Kindred OAK

Kindred OAK - 7 cool kidswear brands that rocked 2014

Kindred OAK is not at all a commercialized brand, but it has been raving the social media and definitely deserves a spot here for specially their handmade, super cool and unique leggings and pants. I love them and they always seem to surprise. Check out their previous work here.

7. Bobo Choses:

Bobo Choses - 7 cool kidswear brands that rocked 2014

Last but definitely not least, the inevitable Bobo Choses! They always amaze me and is by far one of my favorite kidswear brands around. It was a big surprise for all when they on September 1st 2014 announced that the founder, Laia Aguilar, was leaving the company. I am so curious to see how the brand is going to develop and also very excited to follow Laia in her new projects.

I hope you like my pick, but please do tell if you feel that that a particular brand is missing on the list! I would love to hear your comments :)

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Have a lovely Christmas everybody and a happy new year!!

xx Maria


Sponsor highlight: Dirt & Noise kidswear shop

I am so excited about today's post and about my new sponsors, who had me with just their name, Dirt and Noise! It is a multi label kids clothing shop and as they say "an urban-inspired, fashion-forward, get-in-the-dirt-and-play kind of store", oh yeah - completely my style!

The New Jersey based boutique and e-shop is founded by the lovely Melissa Adler who with her long experience in the fashion industry has curated a great selection of super cool kids clothing brands like Nununu, Molo Kids, Kira, Prefresh, Petitbo, Munster Kids, Sweet Luka Mo and lots more, many of which I have already written about in the blog.

I especially wanted to show you the awesome new look book they have created for the Christmas holidays 2014. It is full of inspirational and unconventional styles and proposals, lots of fun and above all full of rock & roll!!!

Dirt & Noise kidswear shop holiday look book 2014

Dirt & Noise kidswear shop - nununu & Petitbo - holiday look book 2014

Dirt & Noise kidswear shop cool holiday look book 2014

Nununu baby romper for Dirt & Noise kidswear shop holiday look book 2014

Cool boys' clothes for Dirt & Noise kidswear shop holiday look book 2014

Cool kids clothes for Dirt & Noise kidswear shop holiday look book 2014

Cool girls clothes for Dirt & Noise kidswear shop holiday look book 2014

Cool kids styles for Dirt & Noise kidswear shop holiday look book 2014

Dirt & Noise kidswear shop Christmas look book 2014

Kids fashion photography by Audrey Blake; hair by Angela Dacosta; styling by Dirt and Noise and Graphic Design by Spencer Landvater Graves

If you are like me and still haven't bought all of the presents and have no idea how to dress the little ones on Christmas eve and even less on new years eve, the only thing you know is that you want it different, comfortable and just really cool - Dirt & Noise is the place!

Right now and until the 21st of December Dirt & Noise is offering an exclusive 20% OFF for all of you, my lovely readers, using the discount code: "PARTYON". So swing by their webshop or, if you are in the neighborhood, go and visit them in their store on 43A Church Street, Montclair, New Jersey. Happy shopping!

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Misha Lulu AW14 - Quirky kids fashion

I spy with my little eye... A perfect girl's collection for avid little detectives! Misha Lulu is a super funky retro-modern kids clothing brand from Southern California. Their current AW14 collection is inspired by the founder's daughter's huge interest in solving mysteries and investigating everything in her path.

I simply love their quirky, storytelling  lookbook (that brain on the first picture on the right - Perfect!), which is styled by the very talented Heather Rome and shot by photographer Jessie Kenney.

Misha Lulu AW14 - snapshot sweater

Misha Lulu AW14 - Nancy Drew dress

Misha Lulu AW14 - private eye tee

Misha Lulu Autumn-Winter 2014/15 kids fashion collection

Misha Lulu AW14 - retro-modern kids fashion

Misha Lulu AW14 - quirky snapshot sweater

Misha Lulu AW14 - retro dress Watson Girl

Misha Lulu AW14 - girls burglar skirt

Misha Lulu AW14 - spy glass tee

You might spot some Funky Legs tights in there too, right?! Check out the Misha Lulu website for more info and besides their webshop, the retailer list underneath for purchases.

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Misha Lulu AW14 - stockists