Very French Gangsters AW14 - Kids' handmade designer glasses

Oh yeah! Very French Gangsters has finally released their new Autumn-Winter 2014/15 kids collection of super funky, unique and, as always, very stylish handmade glasses and sunglasses. 

Their high quality eyewear is the result of a well worked process where all the little details are cared for, making no compromise between comfort and fashion, and this is what has made the young brand a world wide favorite! They really have an incredible and distinct design and I love their always fun way of presenting it, finally making the wearing of prescription glasses a super cool and playful aid for the kiddos, right! 

Their look book is shot by the great Katrina Tang and all I can say is that it rocks!!! 

Black kids glasses by Very French Gangsters and Bobo Choses Jacket - Autumn-Winter 2014/15

Transparent kids glasses by Very French Gangsters and Bobo Choses/Mini Rodini styles - Autumn-Winter 2014/15

Kids sunglasses by Very French Gangsters and Mini Rodini Jacket - Autumn-Winter 2014/15

Very French Gangsters kids glasses and Mini Rodini top - Autumn-Winter 2014/15

Kids glasses by Very French Gangsters - Autumn-Winter 2014/15

Designer kids glasses by Very French Gangsters - Autumn-Winter 2014/15

Very French Gangsters dad and son sunglasses - Autumn-Winter 2014/15

Delicious detail with the Bobo Choses and Mini Rodini outfits! 

The Very French Gangsters website seems to be down these days, so I have actually snatched these photos off their Facebook. I know they have a webshop also, so just keep on trying if you want to see the whole collection. In the meantime you should definitely check out the cool VFG selection they have over at the Eyewear Concierge and if your wallet can handle it then grab a pair for yourself while you are at it, cause man they have got some pretty d*mn nice ones ;)

Come and join the KID family for more cool kids fashion and style inspiration!


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