Out and about: Boats!

So this weekend we did one of our absolute favorite things, going to the sea to have a seafood paella! Sorry, when I even started thinking about the camera we were already way in to the coffee, so no photos of that baby, but man it was good! Anyways, the best thing for my daughter, O., was definitely the walk around the port, admiring all of the beautiful boats and dreaming about taking one of them to sea. She is fascinated about all kinds of transportation, but there is something special or romantic and almost mystical about boats sailing off into the ocean that just makes you wonder and imagine the life out there...

Beau LOves bow and arrow oversized top

Beau LOves bow and arrow print

Beau LOves bow and arrow sweatshirt

Beau LOves bow and arrow oversized top - Kids fashion

Beau LOves bow and arrow print detail
Beau LOves bow and arrow camel top

O. is such a busy little bee, it is so lovely seeing how everything interests her and how easily amazed she is with even the most insignificant little doodle. All things must be examined and at the moment everything even talks, whether it's a small ant, a beautiful stone, a piece of garbage or a tree about to be peed on! I love walking around with her making up all of these stories, making things come to life and laughing hard of the psychedelic outcome!

Beau LOves bow and arrow print camel


Beau LOves oversized top aw14

Beau LOves bow and arrow aw14

Beau LOves bow and arrow oversized top - lifestyle

Beau LOves aw14 bow and arrow style

The super cool oversized top O. is wearing is by one of our favorite UK brands, Beau LOves. The beautifully hand drawn bow and arrow print is just brilliant and inspiring, and the warm and cosy camel color is perfect for the season. Autumn is finally sneaking up on us, so this was our first chance of putting on a piece from her new winter wardrobe! If I had known it would take such a long time to arrive (and that O. would grow so fast in the meantime..) I would definitely have bought it even tad bigger, right? 

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  1. This top is cute. And she is looking so so beautiful, she is such a cutie pie.