Out and About: Found the horses!

Hey everybody! So I realized the other day, that I hadn't written anything from our everyday life in a very long time. Of course, with all the fantastic new autumn releases it has been one collection after the other, and so I thought it might be time to come back to basics, right?!

Lotiekids Oars dress 1

This weekend has been all about enjoying the momentary slow life, relaxing with the family and not wanting to do anything special. These weekends somehow always turns out to be the best and the most adventurous in the end, maybe because you stop thinking about things you want to do and just fully appreciate and really notice the moment you are in. I tend to get "a tiny bit" hyper active when it comes to the weekends, there are so many things I want to do and see, and my husband is just the opposite who wants to relax! It's two different ways of disconnecting, but of course equally valid, and despite of everything we always seem to find a middle way that works for both of us. 

This weekend though I was also leaning more to relaxing than anything else. This of course still means getting out and about, but at least we stayed in the city.

Lotiekids Oars dress 2

Lotiekids Oars dress 3

Lotiekids Oars dress 4

We went to wonderful mountain Montjuïc to try to find the horses again. Last time we tried we got lost (don't ask me how!), so we printed out maps to not miss it this time (The GPS is of course still in its box... what for?? ;) And we arrived! Late for the piggyback ride that we had been talking about all morning (aargh!), but we got there... 

It really is such a beautiful place and perfect for giving the kids and yourself a real feel of nature, even though you are actually still downtown. And little O. went nuts! She loves being "out of the city" and was jumping, running and throwing herself everywhere, investigating and even smelling everything. So lovely!

Lotiekids Oars dress 5

Lotiekids Oars dress 6

Lotiekids Oars dress 7

Lotiekids Oars dress 8

Lotiekids Oars dress 9

Little O. is wearing one of our most practical and absolute favorite dresses, Oars by Lötiekids. It is so awesome; soft, amazing print and it never looks dirty! And O. always seem to get dirty in two seconds... Actually, that last photo shows a bit, but this is after a whole day on a mountain with its horse ranch and rolling around in the dusty hay, botanical garden, frog fishing, worm and snail hunting and much more! Even though I in my last post admitted that I am not the biggest fan of dresses, this one has to be one of her most worn garments this summer. Love it! Can't wait to see the new Lötiekids autumn collection, which must be up any day now...

The warm summer days never seem to end this year and all of her cool new autumn clothes are still lying unused in her closet. I guess we will get to that later on ;)

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