The quirky universe of Corby Tindersticks

One of my latest addictions is quirky, geeky and rather weird soft toys. I see them everywhere and there are so many talented artists having a ball right now making them. One of the most obvious designers from these last couple of years, and definitely one of my favorites, is UK label Corby Tindersticks! I love their fun and very creative illustrations for kids, the hilarious stories behind the characters of their soft toys, the mix of eco-friendly materials and their aesthetic way of incorporating interactive features in their designs. Check out some of the lead roles from their autumn 2014 collection here:

Corby Tindersticks AW14/15
Quirky soft toys by Corby Tindersticks for autumn-winter 2014/15

Barry Bags soft toy by Corby Tindersticks
This completely cracks me up! Their other character descriptions are just as far out as this one, definitely worth the visit!

Adorable felt Dinosaur with handmade bow applique by Corby Tindersticks

Interactive weather map by Corby Tindersticks
LOVE this world map with its interactive weather symbols and quirky little doodles - Corby Tindersticks AW14

Rainbow robots by Corby Tindersticks
Fun and colorful felt robots by Corby Tindersticks

That map is just genius! Since my family is widely spread all over the world, I am always looking for maps that aren't too cheesy, nor too boring for O. to help her visualize and understand a little better her international background. This is just perfect, don't you think?!

You can check out more fabulous and creative curiosities for kids in the Corby Tinderstick webshop. They also have a super cool and inspirational Instagram for you to enjoy.

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