Cabbages & Kings AW14 - Kids ethical knit accessories

The fall is finally slowly coming to Barcelona. Yes I know, that's why I am here and NOT in Denmark ;) Still, every September I have the need of putting on long pants and shoes, even though it's at least 30ÂșC outside... But last week the temperature started dropping and from one day to the other the leaves started changing their colors. Yesterday we had planned on going to this big outdoor tapas event downtown with some friends, but it was pouring down hard all day and so we opted for popcorn, warm knits (not at all needed, but added that extra cosyness or 'hygge', as we say) and old Disney movies at home. Best decision ever! And so I thought of Cabbages & Kings...

I fell in love with Cabbages & Kings a few seasons ago, cause they are exactly about that cosy, reassuring and warm feeling those big, chunky knits give you. Their colorful, unique and very versatile kids accessories are made of soft and luxurious alpaca wool, and most importantly it is all made in a social responsible and ethical way! What's not to love?!

Kids knit accessories by Cabbages and Kings AW14 - fair trade

Cabbages and Kings autumn-winter 2014/15 - kids knit accesories

Baby alpaca knits by Cabbages and Kings AW14 - fair trade

Fair trade alpaca knits for kids by Cabbages and Kings AW14

Funky kids knits by Cabbages and Kings AW14 - fair trade

Knit accessories for baby/toddler by Cabbages and Kings AW14 - fair trade

Chunky knit accessories for kids by Cabbages and Kings autumn-winter 2014/15

Cabbages & Kings are strong supporters of fair trade and all of their knits are handmade by indigenous artisans in the Andean Valleys of Bolivia and Peru, a collaboration with a network of NGOs, churches and community groups who work to strengthen the capacities of local, participating institutions and base communities. That's my kind of brand!

I love to add a dash of color to more minimalist styles and so I have already pointed out a few (or 10..) of those legwarmers and scarfs for O. I am also seriously wandering if I can fit into the biggest of the socks? They  are so cosy!

Pass by the Cabbages & Kings web store or check out their retailer list for purchases.

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