KIDdO Style - Festival weekend!

This weekend the Primavera Sound indie festival has been buzzing all over town. Since little O. was born her father and I have divided the two main festivals here in Barcelona between us, he takes Primavera, while I go nuts at the electronic festival, Sonar, later on in June. During the day time we try to take in as much as possible as a family, since there are always tons of cool (and free!) stuff for the children.

So yesterday we spent a beautiful day in the park of Ciutadella, where there were concerts, theater, art, loads of workshops with instruments, all sorts of crafts, face painting, dancing and so on. One I particularly liked was the poker table with water guns! The kids were having a blast! 

KIDdO Style - Indikidual vest

KIDdO Style - Indikidual vest + animal leggings
KIDdO Style - festival weekend - lego
These huge legos were such a hit! O. could have spent hours there playing with one of her best friends

KIDdO Style - Indikidual vest + animal leggings

KIDdO Style - Festival weekend

KIDdO Style - Indikidual vest

KIDdO Style - Festival weekend - painting
Great painting activity! The kids ended up painting with their feet, hair, other children's body parts, what ever necessary!

KIDdO Style - Indikidual vest

A tired O. after a long and lovely day in the sun

Little O. is wearing a military print vest / Indikidual and animal leggings / H&M

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  1. these legging are super cute,my girl has them as well!! www.lovecocodrillo.com

    1. Yes, they are adorable! They remind me a little of Molo Kids :) I just took a look at your blog, your little girl is beautiful!