KIDdO Style: Funky jellyfish invading the beach

Yesterday we went for a stroll at the beach, which has to be one of my favorite Sunday activities. Time just stands still, there is no nagging, no fighting, everybody has this peaceful smile on their face and you forget that you are still in the big city. Little O. forget we even exist, getting completely absorbed in feeling the sand between her toes, singing and rolling around, getting sand everywhere... Underneath her hat hides more or less three kilos of sand and even more in her tights! 

Indikidual Jellyfish top - KIDdO Style

KIDdO Style: Indikidual Jellyfish top

KIDdO Style: Indikidual Jellyfish tank

I love the funky jellyfish print on this top, its little quirky details like the curly tentacles or the ones playing the maracas! The tone of the colors is subtle and soft with a washed vintage feel. It is definitely one of our favorites this summer!

KIDdO Style: Indikidual Jellyfish top + GAP denim vest

KIDdO Style: Indikidual Jellyfish tank + GAP denim vest

Little O. is wearing the Jellyfish top Booboo by Indikidual, denim vest from the GAP and tights by H&M.

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