Aarrekid - Preview: Autumn/winter 2014

Aarrekid is an eco-friendly kidswear brand from Finland who designs with care, experience and lots of imagination! Their owls and stripes, which I am crazy about, are some of their classic prints and the upcoming Autumn/Winter collection 2014 brings new variations of these.

Aarrekid preview: Autumn/Winter 2014 organic kidswear collection
Cool red stripes and whimsical owls by Aarrekid for autumn/winter 2014 organic kidswear collection

Quirky Aarrekid owl cushions for autumn/winter 2014
Quirky owl cushions by Aarrekid for autumn/winter 2014 

I love the little moral story behind the owl print, about small owls that observe the world in their home tree, safe from dangers of the world:

”This is a small owl. It has small wings and even smaller eyes. Such a small owl with eyes that canʼt yet see so far. Thereʼs always so much time later to be a big owl with big eyes.”


Aarrekid owl cushions for autumn/winter 2014
The big grey cushion is mine - just so you know it ;)

Aarrekid preview of the autumn/winter 2014-15 kidswear collection
Organic kidswear collection by Finnish brand Aarrekid for autumn 2014 

So look out for some funky red stripes and whimsical little owls coming to your store mid August! 

In the meantime, do not miss this season's spring collection by Aarrekid with the awesome monster print and amazing black stripes, which can be bought in stores like Dino Deluxe.

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